The young adults and the mental illness relationship and effect to health

The generation of today has many concerns and that many of them chose to end their life because they cannot manage their depression or problem. In one Asian country, their is a mountain that is well known to be a place for those who want to commit suicide. Even if the mountain is beautiful and it is a good place to relax but many people go there to end their life. Today let us look at the young adult situation in the two infographics.

You can read that there is a high number of people who have eating disorders. It is one way to show that they are not healthy mentally. It is written that twenty percent of the young adult population has a mental illness. The youth is the future of the generation but there is a great number of them who are lost and do not know what to do on this earth. And they likely to have a china visa to travel to their best destination in life on this earth, view this page 台胞證. They just feel the pain and sorrow and hardship that they cannot bear it any longer.

Even if many people have this kind of condition but they do not receive the needed help. That is why it is important that those who are affected and those who became aware that someone they know has this situation should help them so that they could receive treatment and help. Most of the mental illness can be cured with the proper method so it is recommended that seek help or find ways you can manage your health.