The young adults and the mental illness relationship and effect to health

The generation of today has many concerns and that many of them chose to end their life because they cannot manage their depression or problem. In one Asian country, their is a mountain that is well known to be a place for those who want to commit suicide. Even if the mountain is beautiful and it is a good place to relax but many people go there to end their life. Today let us look at the young adult situation in the two infographics.

You can read that there is a high number of people who have eating disorders. It is one way to show that they are not healthy mentally. It is written that twenty percent of the young adult population has a mental illness. The youth is the future of the generation but there is a great number of them who are lost and do not know what to do on this earth. They just feel the pain and sorrow and hardship that they cannot bear it any longer.

Even if many people have this kind of condition but they do not receive the needed help. That is why it is important that those who are affected and those who became aware that someone they know has this situation should help them so that they could receive treatment and help. Most of the mental illness can be cured with the proper method so it is recommended that seek help or find ways you can manage your health.



Women’s health section: The ways to be protected from the number one killer

There can be a difference between the women and the men in terms of health problems and also treatment. Today let us focus first on the women’s health. There are the number one health problems for women that cause them to be dead in the field of health aside from other causes. Women are prone to heart disease and more women are being affected that result to their death. The ways for a woman to lower the risk of heart disease is given below.

One of the recommendation is that you should not take that much soda and prefer other kinds of drinks as a substitute. It is not good for your heart and your overall health. It is also recommended that you stay active even by just walking on your way to the nearest neighbor or the walking distance supermarket. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can also help to be active. The 30 minutes total of activity per day can make a great difference to your health.

Another way is that do not smoke and also to drink alcohol with just the enough amount. Also, have time to relax as stress can contribute to the deterioration of health of an individual. You should be able to have a regular check-up so that any signs of heart disease could be detected early and measures can be taken into action. Having regular checkup and improving your lifestyle to be healthy is a good combination so that you could be far from heart diseases.

The highly recommended natural health tips for the various body parts

As we have different body parts so we could be able to also have different activities to maintain the health of each body part. When one body part does not function well it can lead to the failure of the other body parts. All are connected with each other and so if one does not function well then it is not good for the whole body. That is why it is better that you check all your body parts for a good health and well being.

Many people strive to attain it and so the above infographic is one of the guides that you can be able to follow so that you can have a good health. Each body parts are given suggestions that you can naturally take so that you can achieve your goal. The natural way is much preferred by others and much alternative medicine can also be found in this days. Many succeed many also failed. Sometimes it is just looking what is applicable to you as each person is very different from each other.

There are seven body parts illustrated above that the kinds of food that you should take is suggested. If you cannot do it in one time it is okay that you will do it slowly so that you can be able to adjust to it. It is not just the food but you should also have an exercise so that it will help in managing the health of the body.

Understanding the effect of lack of sleep to a persons health and mind

The lack of sleep is normal for other people because of the work that they had to do. Take for example a mother who has to work two jobs to support her children. Even after working outside to earn money, she has to do also the household chores and her obligations to her children like cooking. In some countries, they teach their children to do basic household chore so they can help the parents. This way parents can get some sleep for the next days’ work.

Here is the infographic that would make you take a look at yourself if you are one of those who reduces their sleep so they could be able to work or do something. Many young adults sometimes reduce their sleep so they can spend more time in their habit like watching or playing games. Because they had more strength the effect would not immediately show after some days but it can build up and will result in the sickness that is described in the infographic.

Having a good amount of sleep is really helpful for functioning well. You can read that you lose focus and attention when you are lacking in sleep. Many people have been used to it and they d not feel any difference but it can show after some years of being deprived of sleep. Another effect of lacking in sleep is that a person can get likely to be emotional. One more is that brain tissue is being lost.

The list of common stresses and the simple cures that comes with it

Because of the hardship that the world brings, stress is already common to hear and experience by many people. It is not just for the breadwinner of a family but everyone who has a concern. It was strongly applicable to the male adult before who had to work and fed their family but now it is being applied easily to someone. What changes have been made that make the situation like this? Many things and the people have to cope up with it. Let’s learn how to cope with stress.

You can see in the infographic the two sides presented. The one side presents the different source of stress. The other side presents the ways on how to cure the stress. As there are different stressors in a person so it must be identified and known so that it could be managed well and learn what to do to let it be cured. One of the sources of stress is a heavy workload given. It can also the illness that limits the action of a person.

Another source of stress is lack of sleep due to many thoughts and concerns. The positive side is that you could turn the table on its different side to reveal the ways to manage the stress. One of the things you can do is to build a support network by making new friends whom you can be able to share things. Having someone to support you can make you endure and be strong.

Music Therapy: Your Brain on Music

There are various kinds and types of therapy. The most common therapy is the massage therapy. Many people spend their time and effort in going to a massage parlor. Actually, you don’t have to spend your money, effort and time in going to massage parlors. Why? In fact, there is a very convenient way to relax. It will surely help you have a relaxing feeling without spending money. Really? Yes, believe! It is the music therapy!

It has been approved that music helps a person to feel relaxed depending on the type of music. It is very much recommendable to listen to classical music. Why? It is because you can feel the emotion it wants to deliver. Whenever we listen to music, our brain releases a very important chemical and that is dopamine. Also, music such as rock music or hard music that has a strong beat actually stimulate the brainwaves.

On the other hand, slow-beat music leads to slow brainwaves. When you listen to your favorite songs like love songs or any popular songs, it will make you remember very special memories. Music as a therapy would help a person change his mood. For example, when you are sad due to some problems, just listen to music and then, you will surely feel happy after a while.

The alteration of breathing and heart rate can be done through music therapy. When you feel any pain such as body pain, just listen to music and the pain you are feeling will decrease. It can also improve a person’s state of mind.

Looking into how economic crisis can hit a person health

When a research was conducted to see the effect of crisis into the health of the people there is a surprising direct effect. The study was conducted and the result was released and made into the infographic that we will use to see what is the relationship of the crisis that happened into the health of the people who are affected by the crisis. It shows a surprising conclusion that the youth are the most affected ones of the crisis that happened. This is the case that happened in the UK.

You can see that it is really written that the young people are the more stressed ones. Maybe because they are the ones who are still searching for ways to be stable and they are the ones who are beginning in their work. There can be many reasons why the young adult is the ones who are most affected. The experience and lessons learned n life may help the adults so they could be able to handle the situation calmer than the young adult generation.

Because of the stress that the young people are suffering, they tend to eat more so they can manage their stress and let the anxiety leave them even for just a short time. When they eat more it leads to gaining weight. They also tend to eat foods that are not healthy but just give a weight that is not desirable in particular level. If you will read all the ones written above you will have a good understanding.

Effective and tested natural remedy: The 25 reasons you should use coconut oil

Let us again remember and understand the power of coconut oil. The coconut oil has been in use for many years already. In every country, they have their own ways of using it whether for the health or for cooking. This kind of oil has many uses just as the other kinds of oils. But as it can be cheap compared to other oils then it is a good alternative and a good choice to be able to use. For you to be encouraged, let us know some of its uses.

One of the uses that are written above is that it is good to use for cooking because it maintains the oil level. It has also the chemical that is good and that is why t can also help to kill yeast in the gut. this oil can also be used to boost metabolism so if you are planning a diet you can research how you can be able to do it. Another use is to make your dog’s coat shine.

One more use is that you can use it as a hair conditioner. You can just ask if you had any concerns in the area provided and we will get back to you. but more of the benefits include the ability to heal an injury faster than expected. I do not want the coconut oil before because it seems the taste is strange but when I had known its different benefits that I started to use it.

The 10 easy ways to damage your eyesight and the remedies for them

One of the not good conditions that many people experience is to have a damaged eyesight. It is not concentrated on an age group but it can affect anyone from the newborn to the old people. There are many ways that eyesight could be damaged and there are many kinds of eye conditions also. Others can lead to the dreaded blindness. That is why it is important that you will take care of your eyesight even if you are not experiencing something wrong. Let’s see how you can do.

The number one habit that caused damage to the eyes is staring at the screen of your gadget for a very long time. It is now a common for people in this days to stare at gadgets and those who also work using their gadgets are at risk. Watching also at night is one way to damage your eyesight. The explanation is found in the infographic. It is the number two in the list and the number three is sleeping with contact lenses.

They can cause permanent damage to your eyes and so you should remove them before you sleep. Do not rub your eyes also because it can cause the breakage of blood vessels. If you feel irritated then give a cold compress. One of the ways also is that not drinking much water. Water is very important and you should also drink for the benefit of your eyesight. Not having enough time of sleep has also its effect.

Health Rewards of Therapeutic Touch-based on Findings of Research

Did you know that the touch of a massage therapist is very effective for your health? So, if you have any feeling of body pain, let a massage therapist touch and massage you. It has been proven through research findings that the touch of a massage therapist helps a patient recover from any kind of body pain. Then, what are the health benefits or rewards of therapeutic touch?

The infographic above gives us knowledge about the health benefits of therapeutic massage. Since it was proven through thorough studies, you must not doubt of its effectivity. Then, what are the benefits or health rewards of this?

Health Benefit #1: Significantly reduces blood pressure and heart rate. 

Sometimes, blood pressure and heart rate increase because of our own lifestyle and daily habits especially eating. Proper diet and exercise are needed to maintain a healthy and strong body. Through the therapeutic massage, it helps a patient reduce his blood pressure and heart rate.

Health Benefit #2: Reduce stress hormone levels and anxiety.

These 2 cannot be avoided since it happens to everyone. Most of the time, pressures from work and school makes a person feel stressed and anxious. Make time to relax through massage therapy so that your stress and anxiety level will be reduced.

Health Benefit #3: Strengthen the immune system. 

If your body’s immune system becomes weak, there is a high possibility for you to be sick. To have a strong immune system, go for a massage therapy. Through this, the lymphocytes in your body will increase in number. They are the ones who are called the “soldiers of the body”.

Health Benefit #4:  Improves performance.

Whatever performance you do, especially sports that requires hard training, you need to undergo massage therapy to improve your performance.