Music Therapy: Your Brain on Music

There are various kinds and types of therapy. The most common therapy is the massage therapy. Many people spend their time and effort in going to a massage parlor. Actually, you don’t have to spend your money, effort and time in going to massage parlors. Why? In fact, there is a very convenient way to relax. It will surely help you have a relaxing feeling without spending money. Really? Yes, believe! It is the music therapy!

It has been approved that music helps a person to feel relaxed depending on the type of music. It is very much recommendable to listen to classical music. Why? It is because you can feel the emotion it wants to deliver. Whenever we listen to music, our brain releases a very important chemical and that is dopamine. Also, music such as rock music or hard music that has a strong beat actually stimulate the brainwaves.

On the other hand, slow-beat music leads to slow brainwaves. When you listen to your favorite songs like love songs or any popular songs, it will make you remember very special memories. Music as a therapy would help a person change his mood. For example, when you are sad due to some problems, just listen to music and then, you will surely feel happy after a while.

The alteration of breathing and heart rate can be done through music therapy. When you feel any pain such as body pain, just listen to music and the pain you are feeling will decrease. It can also improve a person’s state of mind.

Health Rewards of Therapeutic Touch-based on Findings of Research

Did you know that the touch of a massage therapist is very effective for your health? So, if you have any feeling of body pain, let a massage therapist touch and massage you. It has been proven through research findings that the touch of a massage therapist helps a patient recover from any kind of body pain. Then, what are the health benefits or rewards of therapeutic touch?

The infographic above gives us knowledge about the health benefits of therapeutic massage. Since it was proven through thorough studies, you must not doubt of its effectivity. Then, what are the benefits or health rewards of this?

Health Benefit #1: Significantly reduces blood pressure and heart rate. 

Sometimes, blood pressure and heart rate increase because of our own lifestyle and daily habits especially eating. Proper diet and exercise are needed to maintain a healthy and strong body. Through the therapeutic massage, it helps a patient reduce his blood pressure and heart rate.

Health Benefit #2: Reduce stress hormone levels and anxiety.

These 2 cannot be avoided since it happens to everyone. Most of the time, pressures from work and school makes a person feel stressed and anxious. Make time to relax through massage therapy so that your stress and anxiety level will be reduced.

Health Benefit #3: Strengthen the immune system. 

If your body’s immune system becomes weak, there is a high possibility for you to be sick. To have a strong immune system, go for a massage therapy. Through this, the lymphocytes in your body will increase in number. They are the ones who are called the “soldiers of the body”.

Health Benefit #4:  Improves performance.

Whatever performance you do, especially sports that requires hard training, you need to undergo massage therapy to improve your performance.