Therapeutic Massage in Japan

Massage therapy is widely spread all over the world. In Japan, you can find many massage parlors. So, if you are planning to visit Japan, don’t miss to experience the way of therapeutic massage there. Save your vacation by at least having an experience of Japan’s massage therapy! After having a tour around the tourist spots in Japan, it’s time to relax your tired body. Then, where can you find these massage parlors in Japan?

Asahido Massage Therapy Clinic. This is located in Kyoto. A good news about this place is that they can communicate to their guests who can speak the English language.

Olive Spa Pent House . It’s a perfect place to relax and refresh your mind and body. Experience their massage therapy for a wonderful feeling!

Ariran Relaxation. Looking for a place to relax? Visit this place for an enjoyable time through massage therapy!

Asumo Shinagawa Acupuncture. The services they offer here is really good and satisfying. Try it now!

Above is a list of some massage therapy clinics where you can relax and release your stress hormones and anxiety. In Japan, there are also blind men who are expert in massage therapy. They have different massage techniques but it gives the same feeling of relaxation. Actually, aside from touch-based massage therapy, hot water in a bathtub also known as “sauna” in other countries is an effective way to relax.

If you feel body pain like back pain, don’t hesitate to visit and experience the therapeutic massage in Japan. At first, you will feel pain but later, you will feel relaxed. That’s the magic of therapeutic massage!